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Begin the visa process six (6) weeks before intended arrival in Uzbekistan.
Do not purchase airline tickets until visa has been granted.

Every traveler must receive a visa for entry to Uzbekistan before arrival. You will be refused entry without a visa. The only exception is if you are arriving from a country that does not have an Uzbek embassy or consulate. In this case, if you follow the correct procedure for obtaining a visa, you may do so at the Tashkent Airport.

To obtain a tourist visa, all foreign nationals, except US citizens, need visa support from PAD (, a different NGO or a local travel agency such as Parus ( or OrexCA ( For additional information for USA citizens desiring a tourist visa please consult: for more information.

Visa applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. The approval period is 21 business days. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to deny any application for a visa without providing further explanations. The approved visa is sent directly to the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the country where the traveler will receive the visa. Travelers must then submit their passports and appropriate payment to that same embassy or consulate. Consult the appropriate embassy or consulate for payment details.

To provide you with visa support we need certain passport and work related information, which can be sent to us by email to or

Please send the following information:
1. Complete name
2. Gender
3. Citizenship
4. Place of birth (exactly)
5. Date of birth
6. Number of passport
7. Date of issue and issuing agency
8. Date of expiration (valid until).
9. Complete registered name of place of work and position held
10. Dates of visit (if you have reservations to leave at 2 am for example, that day counts as a whole day in Uzbekistan).
11. General itinerary.
12. Purpose of visit (in details).
13. Name of city where the visa must be obtained (where there is an Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate).
14. Quantity of entries/exits (if you need more than a single visa then
please explain the reason).
15. Email address or fax number to send an invitation.
16. Method to arrival and departure (itinerary)
17. If obtaining the visa in the USA, please supply state of residence within the USA.

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